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Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage!

Calling all Golden Retriever lovers!🎉 Here we have Jackson, a 6-year old neutered male Goldendoodle, and his sister Gracie, a 9-year old spayed female AKC-registered Golden Retriever. This bonded duo is absolutely stunning! They have been adored and pampered family dogs for their entire lives and are good with children, cats, and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Since they’ve been loved and cared for, they have zero medical issues to report and when they visited the TIGJARS crew recently they tested well with all three levels of behavior dogs, and presented as very well-balanced, happy, and active pups – this is huge, they are unicorns!!

The perfect owner(s) for Gracie and Jackson are:

  • An individual or a family; they are family dogs and so would love to interact with different family members. Though they are great with and have been around children of all ages their entire lives, the preference is that if they go to a home with resident children then the ages be at least 5 years old. They would also be happy with a single owner with whom they could bond.

  • Someone who will keep them together, they love each other so much and are truly very bonded.

  • Someone who will spend as much time doing outdoor activities with them as they will indoors cuddling and who will love them for the rest of their days together.

  • Gracie gets a tad nervous especially in the car (she shakes and pants). So we are looking for someone who will soothe her with pets and kind, calming talk, someone with patience.

  • Someone who is home more often than not. You do not have to work-from-home, but we are also hoping for an adopter who does not travel for work.

The perfect home for Gracie and Jackson would have the following:

  • Comfortable couch on which they are allowed to snuggle and nap (though they have their own dog beds, they do love a nice couch);

  • A big yard for running and fetching ball (Jackson loves playing fetch!); their preference is to keep to their own property.

  • Ability to free-roam in their new home and not be crated, the duo is very well- behaved, housebroken, and not destructive – they are big nappers!

If you are located in NY, NH, MA, VT, or ME, and are interested in learning more about Gracie and Jackson, let’s chat! First step is submitting an adoption application: click here. Second step is phone call to answer questions and chat more about these unicorns. There is a $200 adoption fee for the bonded duo.

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