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ADOPT ME! Steph & Duke

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Adoption application link: here

Steph & Duke are a bonded pair of 7-month old Maltipoo fluff. A Good Samaritan found the two cuddled together in a cardboard box on a cold night, matted and infested with fleas. They will be ready for their furever home on or around December 15. A few things about Steph & Duke:

  • Steph weighs 6# and Duke weighs 10#.

  • They are very clearly bonded and need to be adopted into the same home together.

  • Housebroken and will use potty pads if needed!

  • Hearty appetites and food motivated, which is very helpful for training.

  • Spayed/neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations and HW/Flea & Tick prevention.

  • Steph definitely has main-character energy and she's the boss over Duke. Duke is more goofy and laid back, he is honestly a teddy bear.

  • They are still very much puppies (albeit incredibly well-behaved) and require a home prepared to give them the stimulation, training, and love they require.

  • We are working on leash training, they are doing great! Though they prefer a fenced-in backyard to do zoomies and play in these days, they would be fantastic walking companions.

  • From their demeanor, it is clear that they've suffered some trauma in their past (it is no wonder, considering how they were found) but they are proving to be resilient and have lovely personalities. Much of Duke's right ear has been cut off, our veterinarian assessed this to have been deliberate; Steph is a bit skittish around certain men, but comes around and appreciates love from all sources.

  • They are currently living in a home with 8 other dogs, all of them are free-roaming, no one lives in a kennel or crate, and so socialization is plentiful and they are doing great! Even some of their puppy behavior has been curbed through socializing with well-balanced dogs who appropriately correct. They would be good to go into a home with another well-balanced pup.

  • They are crate/pen-trained and are confined when no one is home and sleep in their pen at night, they are okay with this though they will bark a bit at first (not advised for apartment living, but this doesn't mean you will be denied if you live in an apartment). All they want is to be with others, especially their people.

While Steph & Duke are very easy and loving dogs, with no behavioral concerns, there are requirements for adopting them, this is to ensure that they have the safest and best life forever.


  • No children under the age of 6 years in the home;

  • Applicants must be within driving distance to Keene, NH (there are many reasons for this, but primarily because we require a home visit and meet & greet as part of the adoption application approval process);

  • Fenced-in backyard is not a requirement, but is strongly preferred;

  • $1000 adoption fee (this is for the pair, not per dog - please see below for what you get with this, the money goes back into rescuing and vetting another animal in-need);

  • Reference checks, an approved adoption application, and a signed adoption contract.

What you get:

  • Unconditional love and affection for at least 10 years;

  • Dogs come fully vaccinated, vetted, microchipped, and spayed/neutered;

  • Consultation on pet insurance;

  • "Gotcha Day" Grab Bag with goodies for your new family member(s);

  • If you travel or otherwise need animal care, as an adopter from TIGJARS we will provide boarding/care at the sanctuary free of charge (depending on availability) this is why require adopters to be within driving distance;

  • Should the adoption not work out for whatever reason, TIGJARS requires the animal(s) be returned to us, no questions asked, no judgment (this is another reason why require adopters to be within driving distance).

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